October 24th, 1978

About Black Marks on Wood Pulp

Corey, Posed

Corey Vilhauer: Sometimes Writer

Hey. I’m , web strategist and part-time writer-person. This is Black Marks on Wood Pulp, which has been on the Web since 2005, and it is filled with thoughts about whatever was on my mind at the time, which – not coincidentally – mirrors my place in life at the time.

I am a content strategist and information architect, a father and husband, a supporter of the humanities, an amateur writer and photographer, and a lifelong basketball fan of various Eastern conference teams.

I get around

I spend a lot of time on the internet. It’s my job. Because of that, I often write about content strategy at Eating Elephant.

Also: I tweet (Twitter) and I take pictures (Flickr). I post the best pictures at Much More Sure. I read book things (Goodreads) and I eat food things, which are often chronicled by my wife, Kerrie, at Serves Four.

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