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January 19th, 2010

Yeah, I already posted some YouTube music recently, but it’s rare that a song can drive me to buy an entire album. Instantly. I mean, as instantly as possible, given the album wasn’t for sale until today, and I first saw this video on Sunday, and, you know, it doesn’t really matter. All I’m saying is that those songs are rare.

Dessa‘s “Dixon’s Girl” is one of those songs. Kind-of-I-mean-absolutely-fantastic talent right there, straight out of MPLS and Doomtree.

And if you don’t watch this and immediately buy the album, I have to question your taste.

Don’t take that chance. I SWEAR I’LL DO IT.

(Oh yeah, thanks to Brian Bieber for tipping me off to the video, and, in turn, to the new album.)

January 16th, 2010

A few of us were wondering why, of all bands, we hadn’t yet scoured YouTube for some classic At The Drive-In shows.

We had no good answer. We had utterly failed as Internet users.

Until now.


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March 9th, 2009

I’ve got a few posts in the pipeline, but life is pretty busy with the house and the kid and the work and what not.

So instead, you’ll have to make do with this: The Greatest Cereal Commercial Ever.

It’s for Nintendo Cereal, complete with a theme song that I still surprisingly remember word for word despite not seeing it since the mid 1980s. I can’t remember my own name, half of the time, but I can remember this.

The commercial skips the first 3 seconds (“Nintendo – it’s for breakfast now!”) which explains the sudden switch in music and lack of rhyme.

Also, if I remember correctly, this cereal was awful.

Found at A Tribute to Discontinued Cereal, via brandflakesforbreakfast.

May 2nd, 2008

I know a lot of people who read this aren’t necessarily technological marvels. They don’t care about the inner workings of CSS or about Web 2.23 or what happened at the Yahoo! tent at SXSW.

They just read because:
1. They know me
2. They are related to me
3. They don’t know any better

A majority of these people are often completely confused with the allure of twitter. “What’s the point?” they say. “Why would I ever mess with that?”

If that’s you, don’t feel bad. It’s pretty common. I was skeptical myself – as were many of the people I follow today.

Check out this video. It explains twitter as well as I’ve ever been able to. (I used to call it a mini-personal blog, but realized that even that doesn’t paint the entire picture because it doesn’t take the social and networking aspect into account.)

And now that you know, stop by and say hello.

(Via peroty’s tumblr.)

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April 14th, 2008

My friends have returned to Minnesota. My family is on a flight headed back to Sioux Falls. My workload is nearly back to normal.

I have seven – count them! – blog posts in the pipeline, originally prepared to post throughout the weekend but ultimately forgotten about.

But, because I will be leaving early today to spend time with Kerrie and Sierra, I will leave you with this – a blast from the Internet meme past.


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March 28th, 2008

ABCs. In 3D.

Via Projectionist.

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January 18th, 2008

A CRUNK message about reading books (and other things).
(This is NSFW – lots of swearing)


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